Our Aims

Our aim is  to get  as many children as possible back into education so they will learn, develop skills, acquire knowledge and dispositions that will allow them to be responsible, respect others, work collaboratively, act in a way that is fair and just and become an active participant in the life of the community.

A lot of children are socially excluded, getting them educated will minimise mental health problems for both the children and their families. This project also aims at promoting the mental health and social well-being of other citizens within our communities.

The charity’s name is called: ‘Be At Peace’ meaning we don’t need to worry about anything, believing for who you are that you are fearfully and wonderful made by God our creator who loves you just as you are. God wants you to be at peace and no one better can still your peace. Peace does not mean to be in place where there is no noise and trouble. It means to be able to be in the midst of those things and still BE CALM IN YOUR HEART.

We also want to give children, the youth, people living with HIV and the elderly over the age of 50 a better chance in life by the grace of God. We aim to achieve this by providing services which develop skills and increase volunteering and employment opportunities. Provision of these services will reduce isolation and create opportunities for people to participate in social activities.

We provide support for orphans and vulnerable children and adults with their Health and Well being. We are conscious of the fact that their biggest challenge is poverty,  health issues and loneliness.
We aim to support them and help improve their situations by Loving them and organising visitations, volunteering domestic help, finding shelters for them, social events, schools etc. We believe this will help improve their well being and in turn reduce mental disorder.